A NEW WRONG ORDER -ANWO- is a collection of mixtapes wandering around the idea of error in music, compiled by very special selectors from an open and polyhedric perspective. An aural crack. A celebration of the accident. The sound of failure.

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Vol.1 FACULTAD DEL ERROR Escenas de música electrónica vividas en los 90s, vertientes experimentales que permitieron el trabajo activo en contra de la santa trinidad: armonía, melodía y ritmo. Ciertas oleadas como el weird folk, errorismo digital y unas pequeñas dosis de experimentos formales, ajenos y profesionales.

SILLY EUROPEANS is a kaleidoscopic project by Machines Désirantes Buró. A place without a defined space for playing nomads in real time. A first, almost random movement adopted the form of a radio program. The waves spread freely and pervade the environment with vague and silly sounds and visions. Staggering through a dead and arrogant continent, provoking an empty mocking face. You! Silly European, enjoy yourself!

1. Wehowsky / Wollscheid - Happy Deterritorializations
2. William Basinski - The Disintegration Loops - dlp 4
3. Gloria Fuertes - El pulpo mecanógrafo (To Dasrata Edit)
4. Hidenobu Ito - Lab Suite (Hidenobu Ito Remix)
5. Twine - Counting Off Again
6. Pomassl - Disperss Humm
7. Aphex Twin - Nannou
8. Einstürzende Neubauten - Nnnaaammm (Panasonic Remix)
9. Herminio Molero - La muerte sintética de Miss Europa
10. Cyclo - id#00
11. Ursula Bogner - Illusorische Planeten
12. Gavin Bryars - White's SS
13. Vladislav Delay - VisaViaton
14. Scanner - Amirvelt
15. ZNR - Le Grand Compositeur Vu De Dos
16. Beach Boys- Wouldn't it be nice (Silly Vominota Edit)
17. Co La - Dreamin (Hair Splitter Version)
18. Lou Reed - Metal Machine Music, Part III
19. Mike Kelley/Paul McCarthy/Violent Onsen Geisha - Throat
20. Microstoria & Jim O'Rourke - NAMM (Weekend Pass Mix)
21. ZNR - Le Grande Compositeur Vu De Face
22. Olelé Brut - 1999
23. Albereto - Sinserenidadefectos.mp3
24. Dr. Genkins feat. - Hector y Paula son hermanos

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