A NEW WRONG ORDER -ANWO- is a collection of mixtapes wandering around the idea of error in music, compiled by very special selectors from an open and polyhedric perspective. An aural crack. A celebration of the accident. The sound of failure.

A NEW WRONG ORDER -ANWO- is a non-commercial platform solely intended as a research project. All rights reserved to the authors. Due to autoplay policies, browser settings... big red player might work only after mixcloud widget has been activated. For further suggestions, complaints, invitations, hoorays... please write to the Wrong:


Vol.6 €??0? (...) I also work a lot with modular synthesizers (and applied software) in which there are innumerable functions and parameters to decompensate the perfection of sound waves or physical and mathematical commands that control sound, rhythm, melody ... For this mixtape, I wanted to vary between styles and show a vision of pieces within a certain margin of error in textures and musical forms.

ALEX SILVA is a sound engineer and composer whose interpretation of electronic and contemporary composition draws influence from his early days playing in punk bands in Spain. Originally from Galicia, this alumn of the RedBull Music Academy completed a Master’s Degree in Music for Film Composition in Barcelona. Currently resides in Baltimore, performing live shows and editing records under his own label Canadian Duct Tapes.

1. Patrick McMinn "Day10” (Canadian Duck Tapes 2017)
2. Lee Gamble “DTI” (PAN, 2012)
3. Steve Reich “Tellihim” (ECM 1982)
4. Oneohtrix Point Never “Describing Bodies” (Editions Mego, 2010)
5. Craig Leon “She wears an hemispherical skull cap” (Takoma, 1981)
6. Aphex Twin “Track16” (Mt Fuji Tape Warp 2017)
7. Sculpture “Hackle Scam Populator” (Software 2012)
8. Suzzanne Kraft “VI” (Running Back, 2013)
9. Patrick McMinn “Day 12” (Canadian Duck Tapes 2017)
10. Tom Boram “Track 3” (Ultra Violet Light 2016)
11. James Ferraro “Sim” (Hippos in tanks, 2011)
12. Foodman “Kiki” (Orange Milk, 2015)
13. Pierre Moerlen “Arabesque Intro” (Arista 1979)
14. Smax “Aslam Bahi” (Hidden Waves 2017)
15. Todd Terje “Myggsommer” (Small Town Supersound, 2012)
16. Patrick McMinn “Day 13” (Canadian Duck Tapes 2017)
17. Alex Silva “NMS” (Unreleased)
18. Alex Silva “String Theories” (Canadian Duck Tapes 2017)
19. Bullion “Make a new mistake” (Deek Recordings, 2016)
20. Alva Noto “Haloid Xerrox copy 1” (Raster Noton, 2007)

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