A NEW WRONG ORDER -ANWO- is a collection of mixtapes wandering around the idea of error in music, compiled by very special selectors from an open and polyhedric perspective. An aural crack. A celebration of the accident. The sound of failure.

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Vol.7 LA LUZ DEL POZO Only with the light of your conscience you will be able to reflect in the retina of your ear the bottom of this well that you have decided to look out. Then you will see the purity of the spring water that comes from somewhere hidden underground. When throwing a stone, each one emits a different sound according to its depth. Each song, one well ... Each well, a state of concentration and a different mood.

TROYA MODET is Lidia González, from Sevilla. She created a very important link with music through sounds from around the world, thanks to great trips during her childhood and adolescence. Feel fascination with the unconventional, the little known and above all, to be able to share what has been found along the way. From Japan, Africa, America... different cultures and their most primitive origins that have led her not to remain superficial and to probe deep.

1. JON GIBSON (Song 3) 0:00
2. LARRY ACHIAMPONG (Untitled 1) 3:49
4. TANGERINE DREAM (Rubycon Part 1) 11:41
5. LARAAJI (Essence) 17:15
6. NIÑO DE ELCHE (No pasaran) 21:58 (nombre real por confirmar)
7. JUAN PEÑA EL LEBRIJANO (Siguiriya Coral) 25:35
8. MACROELVIS SUPERMASSA (Recuerdo, un regalo para toda la vida) 26:37
9. MAX GOLDT (Ich baumle mit de beene) 29:12
10. LENA PLATONOS (Liqueur) 32:04
11. CARLOS PERON (Nothing is true) 33:32
12. EL SUEÑO DE HYPARCO (Leipzig) 37:40
13. ROSA ZARAGOZA ( Si veriash a la rana) 40:56
14. SHINKI CHEN (The dark sea dream) 43:00
15. ALICE COLTRANE (Rama Katha) 47:30
16. CN (Sia) 55:06
17. PEMUNGKAH (Frog song/ flute solo) 56:04

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