A NEW WRONG ORDER -ANWO- is a collection of mixtapes wandering around the idea of error in music, compiled by very special selectors from an open and polyhedric perspective. An aural crack. A celebration of the accident. The sound of failure.

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Vol.8 PSICODELIA Y PARANOIA DESPUÉS DE LA ERA DE ACUARIO Unlike general belief, the psychedelic revolution of the 60s did not die completely in the early 70s. In the mid-decade, artists and freaks on acid hangover, began another musical, artistic and counter informative revolution (...) The cassette format spread this universe and allowed anyone with a lot of imagination and very few resources, to be able to express and share their ideas. This mixtape compiles 19 pieces of different subterranean projects from 1979 to 2018. Music recorded with homemade walkmans and multi-tracks, edited in humble cassettes and cd-rs, sonic rust, psychedelic negatives and a lot of imagination.

ATOMIZADOR Is the musical alias of Jose, cosmic troubadour and hyperdelic draftsman under the name of Jose Haz. Responsible for the micro-label Afeite Al Perro, his music is born from visions, dreams and the spirit of the most idealistic punk. Wild Art-Brut-Pop.

1. ROBERTA EKLUND - Scarlet Park (1986)
2. DANIEL JOHNSTON - Grievances (1980)
3. MINÓY - Sspress (1991)
4. HARRY PUSSY - Chuck! (1997)
5. GIRLS ON FIRE - Florida (1983)
6. MONDE BRUITS - Do (1997)
7. SONS OF BITCHES - Rhyme_Elements (1986)
8. VOLVOX - Riboflavin Horror (2005)
9. THE DOO-DOOETTES - Schlagerzeit (Tolstoy’s Anemic) (1982)
10. SHARON GAL - Black Lolly (2007)
11. SMEGMA - Happy Baby Rhumba (1988)
12. OMIT - The Final Call (1997)
13. CHRISTINE SHIELDS - Monkey Goes To The Moon (2001)
14. RICK POTTS - Yowl (1978)
15. PRICK DECAY - untitled (1995)
16. POINTS OF FRICTION - Excel-O-Lady (1984)
17. AGOG - Waters Black With The Dung Of A Thousand Camels (2001)
18. TOM RECCHION - Enormous Horses (1986)
19. TODD W. EMMERT - Autumn Arrow (2018)

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