A NEW WRONG ORDER -ANWO- is a collection of mixtapes wandering around the idea of error in music, compiled by very special selectors from an open and polyhedric perspective. An aural crack. A celebration of the accident. The sound of failure.

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Siempre estamos en el error, perdido en el bosque
y solo nos salva el sentimiento.
Frontera entre el documento y el misterio.
Gravitación universal y cohesión molecular
son, en la Unidad, una sola energía amorosa amorizante.
Nuestro duende, se genera en temblorosa escala
rechaza la dulce geometría, rompe los estilos,
anda sin mapa
vive en las últimas habitaciones de la sangre.
Amor-cohesión hasta en las piedras.
Bienaventurados los que ven la hermosura de Dios
en los pliegues de lo pequeño.

Amorosa amorizante, Val del Omar.

ARIES By the time she launched her solo project Aries, Spanish musician Isabel Fernández Reviriego had already staked out a solid career for herself. She started off playing guitar and singing in punk teenage bands in her hometown, in the Basque Country. After moving to Madrid, she formed the Charades, playing a lighter brand of pop, heavily based on vocal harmonies. Also known as a composer and producer of Playstation videogames` soundtrack, touring background vocalist for Delorean, as well as for her singing on Cartoon Network’s "Adventure Time", it was in 2011, when she started her solo career. Then we discovered that inside her head there was a melodic, kaleidoscopic, punk and unpredictable universe. A world in which Brian Wilson –in the melodies– and Leon Tolstoi –in the law-breaking final message– could happily walk hand in hand dancing to electronic rhythms.

1. ARIES - Error perpetuo
2. MONNETTE SUDLER - Let us Love
3. THE BEACH BOYS - Til I Die (In reverse)
4. GOBBY - Trunks Nett
5. BABATUNDE OLATUNJI - Drums of passion
6. NXWORRIES - Scared money
7. SUBLIME FRECUENCIES - Vietnam. Bamboo Fiddle
8. BRUCE HAAK - Incation
9. THE HOLLIES - King Midas in Reverse
10. JUCA CHAVES - Take me back to Piaui
11. JUAN MARI BELTRÁN - Budapest Folk Fest

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